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Going through a divorce and child custody issues is stressful, and confusing. I am so grateful for Mandy at Docs-We-Prep. Mandy came to my rescue; she helped me understand what was going on and filled out my forms. She was very understanding about my financial situation and even came up with a solution for that. I highly recommend Mandy for those who feel lost, unsure, and looking for someone to trust to get through this procedure.


I hadn't seen my kids in almost a year because my ex disappeared with my kids and cut all communication. Mandy helped me with the court paperwork, as well as guided me to have the sheriff find and serve my ex-wife... Mandy not only helped with the paperwork, but taught me how to do it myself! Mandy didn't abandon me there and even went above and beyond to help me prepare for being in front of a judge... I went from not seeing them at all, to having full custody of 2 of them a year and a half later, and now have full custody of all 3 of my kids! I truly can't thank her enough; without her I'd still be lost and without my kids.


I highly recommend Mandy Brazell for any legal matter. I recently was referred to her by a coworker and I can't thank her enough. In less then 6 months I was divorced. She guides you through it all, always informs you regarding the process and takes payments. She does all the legal paperwork for you; all I had to do was sign it and show up to court. Thank you so much!


I highly recommend this company for anyone that need help with their paperwork. Everything was done nicely with no problem at all. Saved me a lot of time and money.


Very kind and clear legal document filer. Way better alternative financially and personally to seeing a lawyer for divorce. Process was laid out in a way we understood and she was great with responding to questions. Never acted like we were wasting her time.


I needed help with filing my divorce papers and Docs-We-Prep helped tremendously. I was out of the country at the time and Mandy couldn't have made the process any easier. I recommend Docs-We-Prep and I'd use their service again.


Sacramento County LDA Registration Number 2014-011

Registration Expiration: 03/21/2025

Mandy Brazell is not a lawyer, cannot give legal advice and does not represent individuals in court. Docs-We-Prep is not a law firm. Docs-We-Prep can provide document preparation services at the customer's specific direction.

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