How to Become an LDA in California

With diligence and dedication, an interested person who truly wants to pursue a career as a Legal Document Assistant (LDA) could become a certified one in the State of California in a matter of years.

What Are the Requirements to Become an LDA in Sacramento?

The first thing a person who wants to become an LDA needs to have is a high school diploma. If they don’t, then a GED would suffice. 

Next, the interested person would have to work under the supervision of an attorney for a while in order to gain direct legal experience, at least two years according to the California Legal Document Assistant Association

But, there is also another way into this enjoyable and rewarding profession. For instance, you could become an LDA if you’ve previously had a self-help service (one that you provided to people who wanted to represent themselves in court) for no less than twenty-four months. As long as those two years occurred before New Year’s Day of 1999, you’re in the clear!

To see details about if you could become an LDA in this way, you would need to refer to CA Bus & Prof Code § 6400 (2020)

The only way that you would be able to become a Legal Document Assistant without having to gain that required two years of supervised experience with a lawyer is if you had a bachelor’s degree. With it, you would only have to attain twelve months of experience under the attorney before you could venture out on your own as an LDA.

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Sacramento County LDA Registration Number 2014-011

Registration Expiration: 03/21/2025

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