Free Resources LDA’s Want You To Know About

As a registered LDA in Sacramento, I know second nature many of the free resources that locals can get a lot out of. I’ve taken the liberty to list a few of them below; some good local law libraries, a helpful local nonprofit, and an explanation of how you can utilize nearby legal clinics at local law schools. 

Your Local Law Library

The McGeorge School of Law (University of the Pacific) has been educating excellent lawyers since the early 1920’s, and they have a really nice local law library. Here is a link to the library’s website, where you can see their hours of operation. 

Another good free local resource that I recommend (being that I’m an LDA who is based right here in the heart of Sacramento) would have to be the Sacramento County Public Law Library. This is the place where any locals can easily get public access to just about any type of legal information you could want or need!

You can visit the Sacramento County Public Library’s website here for their hours and recent updates. 

Local Nonprofit Groups

Sources like these are invaluable to low-income citizens in Sacramento. A notable one in the area is Legal Services of Northern California, where their overall mission, according to their website, is to “empower the poor to identify and defeat the causes and effects of poverty within our community, efficiently utilizing all available resources” (LSNC, 2023).

Free Legal Clinics At Your Local Law School

The American Bar Association, although they ask that the public doesn’t send legal requests to them (as specifically stated on the association’s official website), does offer a section of their site that the public can use called Free Legal Help. Many times, the aid is available at local law schools in your area!

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